Official site art-studio of Lyakhov Pavel :: Официальный сайт  художника Павла Ляхова
Official site art-studio of Lyakhov Pavel :: Официальный сайт  художника Павла Ляхова
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Интервью Павла Ляхова интернет журналу STATIC2ART: Pavel Lyakhov/Black Metal Art. Автор: Ara Hawkins.(сентябрь 2015 г.).

Darkness is shapeless until we give it form. It is infinite until light cuts through it like a razor and separates it from itself. Pavel Lyakhov’s art is a walk through a crowd of amorphous people. The clean smell of death in winter as sadness goes unnoticed until summer.  Pavel paints shadows with igneous hands.

What influences your work: Atmosphere, experience, or observation?

Really lots of things influences my art, I can’t emphasize something certain: atmosphere, experience or observation.

 What is your method of choice? Create everyday or create when you feel inspired or driven?

I chose painting as a basic tool for creative work. This method (painting) is dead, and it is perfect for visualization of shapes of my creativity. In my Arsenal there are tools such as videos and music. During the exhibitions they complement my paintings and installations.

I create art when I have inspiration, I can afford it.

What is your favorite subject?

My favorite art subject: Sadness; latest autumn, winter, etc.; depressive music; ruins; abandoned places, etc. – such things inspire me to create my art.

I get inspiration in my expeditions to Russian North, where I see snow-capped mountain sceneries. Survival in severe weather conditions gives me Inspiration for my art.

My artwork is my world – it is frozen, cold world. And I feel comfortable in it.

 How important is the spirituality to you and in your work?

Spirituality is very important in my work. Note that I said spirituality, not religion. I see spirituality as relating to how we answer existential questions regarding why we are here, and the relationships  with real life and internal world. I take the dark side from spirituality of things and make art from it.

 The most interesting interpretation of your work?

Pavel Lyakhov’s art is endless falling into infinity, in the darkness of despair. This is a portal to my refined vision of the world.

 Describe your art in 5 words?

The Devastation, misanthropy, destruction, glaciations, entropy.

 Has the Russian culture intentionally or unintentionally influenced your work? Are there certain subjects that you feel are off limits?

In the modern world of Russian culture does not exist. There are also no other national cultures. Our culture is now the same as yours. If in 80-ies and 90-ies of our countries had different cultures, today we are the same as you. Today, most cultures have lost their identity. It’s all mixed up. We all (Europeans, Americans, Russians, etc.) wear similar clothes, eat the same food, listen to the same music, same films…
The world is “collapsing”, and with great acceleration and madly rushes to its end.
Everything that surrounds me definitely affects my art.
I am inspired by the decadence, death and despair, the Russian people and Russian nature. 
If everything that surrounds me can be called contemporary Russian culture, then I say “Yes, of course it affects my work”.

 What do you still want to paint?

I am currently working on a project “internal lack of freedom” – it concentrates all that worries me now. The project will be presented to the public in fall and winter of this year.

 What will you never paint?

Never say “never”! Today I don’t paint classic portraits. I’m not interested in realistic painting. I don’t make art to order.

 What do you love, hate, find intriguing?

I love painting and listening to the loud music, locked in my workshop. I love the look of high-quality art (now in Russia it is not so much). I Love travelling, the mud puddle Russian bog and forest roads on my mountain-bike. I don’t like to do socially useful work.  I love listening to music in the style of Black, doom metal, etc. Intriguing for me is to meet new people, travel to unfamiliar places.  – official website  – instagram  – vkontakte – facebook


Беседовала: Ara Hawkins

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