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Blackmeat: the abstractions ov Konstantin Tarasov & Pavel Lyakhov.

 March 29, 2012

Backmeat is an artgroup consisted of two russian artists Konstantin Tarasov and Pavel Lyakhov, whom I have not been able to collect very much converse from, yet have spurned my imagination to places I have not bothered or perhaps not been able to think about yet with their manifest of weird dark art. This only hungers my palette for further invocation of paint, and pencil produced from the temporally diffused sections of this man’s mind. I came across his exhibit entitled ПОD. Displaying a commerce of occultic and deathly incipit art in the confines of a cave, illuminated by horrifying glows and the halo of candles. A peer into his collection, if unknowing of the creator, one might suppose a reliquary tribe of aghori, venting their altered perception of the world and using the pictures as ritual shrines. This might be one even to fool anthropologists if they were to stumble on its array of dark displays of death, blood, and form. Sometimes the pictures seem at one with the eerie atmosphere of the cave, and other times a stark aberration of life and physicality of hallucination. The Existence “ПOD” meaning (“UNDER”) took place in a cave in February 2011. It is considered that it was the first exhibition in history of modern dark art which took place in a real cave (artwoks are still there) which means that it was really “underground”. Despite its expressiveness and gloominess the project took your attention to the relevant social problems. Cult of violence and a fear of being “not perfect” accompany the mankind in its way from cave existence to nowadays and uncover a disappointing reality: a human being in his historical aspiration for better life fights with his environment forgetting of where he has come from. Disharmony in humans environment leads to physical and mental mutations. We return to our backgrounds and realize that “we didn’t leave our caves, we just have made them more comfortable created seas of blood around us”. The collection seems to be suppressed in such a way to show on a 2 dimensional screen, but one might be able to transcend the value of this art and immerse their mindset at least into it’s outpouring…

dark arts from blackmeat art group

But this are not the only things spewed out by Константин Тарасов & Pavel Lyakhov, not content with just bending the perceptions of imagery, but somehow philosophizing on it as well with acts of provocative augmentation. One of their other exhibits transforms the mere looking of, and permanence of ar,t into a window of experience wherein as the paintings become destroyed by fire after they have been seen…

dark arts from blackmeat art group

Exhibition “ЛЕС’ (“FOREST”) was a noncommercial and censorship-free place an burned and abandoned depot has been chosen as the place of project’s implementation. November frost, smoke, fire, trains passing by breathed life into dead paintings. An influence of environment, wind, sound and changes of light created a spirit of “forest”, where everything eternally changes: grows and dies, creates and destroys…

dark arts from blackmeat art group

One of the projects aim was to create the atmosphere of paintings in reality, to integrate art works in space around us. A few of the canvas going beyond merely flat surfaces, and bleeding the imagery halfway onto the ground below it, as if it could be entered in some strange dimension. “We wanted to make visitors of the performance feel like they were participants of action in the pictures”. Everything was destroyed after the event, reminding me of the sand mandalas created by Tibetan monks, which are wrecked after its creation. The Forest event succumbs to smoke, fire,  viscose pools of melted paint, and heaps of wood.  It is entropic and far reaching, beyond the veil of order and beauty. Instead chaotic and ugly. Fortunately the evidence of this event was documented for the ones who did not stand in it’s midst, which follows the other photos of the caves.


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