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Pavel Lyakhov

Russophobie. Pavel Lyakhov – Tate Modern Gallery of Contemporary Art


The project of the Russian artist Pavel Lyakhov Gallery at Tate Modern.

After February 24, 2022, the world has changed. The world that we knew before is no longer there.

The era of Russophobia has come.

The Tate Modern gallery was chosen to implement the project “Russophobie”. Because this is the central gallery of modern art, which is located in the heart of the Anglo-Saxon world.

Now the symbol of the Russian flag is a symbol of extremism. Extremism is a driving force for art and rock music. Progressive art always goes against society.

Today, the society of the whole world is against the Russian flag. Therefore, art is inspired by Russia.

Forbidden fruit is sweet.

Therefore, the Tate Modern Gallery is now hosting an exhibition "Russophobie".

Therefore, the gallery building is illuminated with the colors of the Russian flag.


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